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Levabo Commode
for hygienic solutions

Levabo Commode is the series of hygienic products
in connection with toilet visits.

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123 Pee
  • The new urine / vomit bag from Levabo Commode makes it easy when You are not near a toilet. The plastic collar makes it easy to open and hold, and it can hang on a bedside edge.

  • The bags are made with an absorbent pad which makes all liquid to Gel in less than 15 seconds, no splash and cleaning afterwards. Self-adhesive closure at the top for hygienic disposal.

  • Easy
  • Hygienic
  • Comfortable
  • Economic
  • Unisex model
Commode Urine bag Large
Commode Urine bag Small
If you are bedridden or have walking difficulties, it is a great help with a urine bag by the bed. The urine bags are also ideal for those long walks where a trip to the toilet is not possible.
Commode Urine bag Small Box
Urine Bags comes in a 20 pcs box, the bags are packed individually for easy transportation.

Levabo Commode ...
When it's going to be clean and easy ..

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123 Liner Disc
Levabo Liner Disc and Liner bags are super easy and hygienic.
123 Bucket Bag
Levabo also supplies Liner bags for toilet chairs with bucket.
  • The new patented Levabo Commode Liner Disc, is a unique portable flexible device fitted for any toilet seat, shower chair and commode chair, eliminating cleaning of seat or pail.

  • The Liner Disc comes together with Levabo Commode Liners and is easily placed on top of the seat and just as easily removed, avoiding soiling of seat and pail.

  • Easy
  • Hygienic
  • Comfortable
  • Economic
  • Antibacterial Liner Disc
Commode Liner Disc
Commode Liner Disc Chair
Commode Liner Bag
Levabo Liner Disc bags in single pack for easy transportation. Just to have in your pocket.
Commode Bucket Bag
Levabo Liner bags in rolls for Liner Disc or toilet bucket.
Commode Liner Disc Soft Pads
Commode Liner Disc Bag Chair
Levabo Liner Disc bags come in 20 pcs boxes, the bags are packed individually for easy transportation.
Commode Bucket Bag Box
Levabo Liner bags in roll are delivered in 20 pcs boxes.