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Single patient anti decubitus lateral turning system for pressure ulcer prevention

The Turn All® System turns a standard bed into an automated lateral turning bed

Turn All in bed
  • Automatic side positioning system 0-30 degrees for pressure ulcer prevention or treatment
  • Comprehensive pressure relief prevention of pressure injuries / ulcers treatment of existing injuries / ulcers
  • Can be integrated into any care bed with removable mattress and side fences
  • Time saving, results in more care time  available for the patient
  • Comfortable and doesn’t  interrupt normal sleep
  • Side Support System slight lifting of the mattress, on the reverse side of the primary lift side,  provides support and reassurance as  well as decreases the risk of shear.

The new Levabo Turn All® lateral turning system is developed for acute and homecare patients.

The system is to support clinicians and carers in the regular turning of primary immobile patients, who are at the highest risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Turn All easy installation
Easy installation. Fits any standard bed where it is placed under the existing mattress. Also suitable on beds with a rising backrest.
Turn All Mattress and Pump
Easy to set up, clean and use. Dial sets the timer for operation and the “On/off” button control air flow and alternating pressure feature. Cycles complete every 90 minutes, turning the patient from side to side 25 – 30 degrees, in each direction.
Turn All Pump
Just power it on - Set the time for lateral turning, and the system is turning the patient. The system gives an audible alarm if power is lost.
Turn All Pump Display
Easy and simple control
Turn All Side Support
Side support system. Turn All® turning system is equipped with a support system for the opposite side of the primary lift. The support system eliminates the feeling of sliding away from the primary lift side, and reduces the risc of shear.

Clinical efficiency. Several clinical practice guidelines recommend repositioning at least every two hours for immobile patients and elderly people. Also the 2019 International Pressure Ulcer guidelines (EPUAP, NPIAP, PPPIA) recommend the use of the 30 degrees lateral side-lying position.

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