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The Half Charlie positioning method is used to achieve a stable position with a neutral positioning pattern, where the hip and knee joints are in a resting position. If this is not the case, you will experience discomfort or that the body does not relax after a short amount of time.

A neutral sleeping pattern must therefore ensure that you continue to lie well in bed.
A neutral positioning pattern implies that a person’s spine is without twists and that all joints are in a resting position.

This means that the person’s shoulder and hip must lie at the same height and in a straight line parallel to each other, and that the legs are slightly bent and at a slight outward angle.

The Half Charlie positioning method involves positioning the legs this way. In order to maintain the neutral positioning pattern when the person lies in bed, it is necessary to create a stable position. The choice of positioning cushions to be used, are of great importance for the stability achieved in the positioning. Cushions must be firm enough for the person to remain in the optimal lying position but must also be soft enough to mold to the body and be comfortable for the person. If the cushions are too soft or lose their shape, the person’s lying position will change after a short amount of time. This can both mean that the person will lie uncomfortably, and it can also increase the risk of shear.
The Half Charlie positioning method can easily be achieved with Levabo’s pressure-relieving positioning cushion of the same name – Half Charlie. With the positioning cushion, you also ensure pressure relief from the knees, ankles, and heels. The design of the cushion provides support on both the inside and the outside of the knees, so that a stable and comfortable position is achieved. Because the cushion is air-based, it adapts to the person’s lying position without losing its shape.

The half Charlie positioning cushion is placed under and between the user’s knees in bed. It is then checked that the hips and knees are slightly bent and that the user’s legs lie at a slight outward angle. Move the legs until this is achieved. For an optimal position, it is recommended that a slight bend of the knee and a slight lifting of the upper body be made.

The Half Charlie positioning method is recommended in the national clinical guideline for pressure ulcer prevention.
You can read it here: https://www.sst.dk/da/Viden/Sundhedsvaesen/NKR-og-NKA/Puljefinansierede-NKR/Forebyggelse-af-Tryksaar-hos-voksne-over-18-aar

The National Clinical Guideline also recommends the positioning method LiN, which stands for ’Lying in Neutral position’. Neutral position means that all joints are neither bent nor overstretched. The purpose of the positioning method is to ensure a stable and comfortable resting position, which also helps to prevent, among other things, pressure ulcers and contractures in people who are bedridden and have reduced mobility. The basic idea behind LiN is largely the same as the ’Half Charlie’ positioning method – the latter, however, mainly focuses on positioning the lower body.

In the LiN positioning method, there must be symmetry between the right and left half of the body, and the focus is on positioning the whole body and not just individual body parts. Therefore, the whole body must be supported by positioning material, such as pillows or duvets that are firm enough to ensure a stable sleeping position – possibly folded up. Because the entire body is supported by positioning material you distribute pressure over a larger area and thereby achieve better pressure relief.

To achieve correct positioning in neutral position the person must face forward; the spine must be without twists; the shoulders are aligned; the shoulders and hips are parallel; the nose, knees and toes point in the same direction.

You can use the Half Charlie positioning cushion under and between the legs and a Universal Long positioning cushion under each of the person’s arms.

Read more about LiN here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4321212/


The All Up cushion is not inflated on delivery, but is quick and simple to put into use.
  • The cushion is unfolded and the pump/blowpipe is inserted into the self-closing valve.
  • The cushion is pumped up until the enclosing ‘stop up’ paper band bursts and the pump/blowpipe is removed.
  • The cushion is now ready for use.
  • The user’s foot is placed in the heel lifter and the straps are closed over the opening.
  • The cushion can be inflated again if it loses air. If the cushion is inflated too much, the enclosed adapter can be used to adjust the air pressure.
  • The cushion can be used by the same patient for 6-8 weeks.

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Product number 70213
HMI no. N/A
Size (cm) 78 x 68 x 26
Packing 6 pieces, clean
Max user weight 150 kg

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