Ellis Frederiksen

Testemonials Privat

I would very much like to express my great satisfaction with the product Heel Up.
My husband, Niels, has long suffered with sick heel, where even wounds have been, and it was not possible to get proper control of it. Due to various diseases, diabetes 2 and heart valve problems, it is especially important to avoid bed sores on the heels, which can easily occur when lying down a lot.
Only when Niels gets offered Heel Up protection on the leg where the heel is free of pressure, the heels have become neat.
Every evening we lubricate his feet with good foot cream and put Heel Up on both legs while adding a wide pillow under the legs so that the effect lasts all night with the retention of the heels.
We look forward every morning to seeing the good result, and again in the morning, various moisture / fat cream comes on.
We strongly recommend this to anyone and will not do without this product in the future.
NB: See also various other good products for help against pressure problems elsewhere on the body.
If you want confirmation of the truth, you are welcome to receive our contact no. at Levabo. This post should be perceived as a good advice not empty advertising.

Many greetings
Ellis Frederiksen