Air-based relocation

Glide All is part of Levabo’s range of products for air-based relocation.
Glide All is a transfer mattress that allows two people to safely transfer a patient – for both healthcare professionals and users. The risk of occupational injuries is significantly reduced with the use of Glide All compared to draw sheets, slide sheets and slide boards and at the same time there is a significant minimisation of the risk of tissue injury to the user – including shear.

Glide All is used for lateral transfers, for example between a stretcher and a bed. Glide All also works with Lift All, an air-based mattress for floor-to-bed transfers.

The Glide All transfer mattress is inflated using the supplied pump. It lifts the user from the underlying surface, making it easy to move even severely overweight people from one position to another, for example from strecther to bed. Glide All is equipped with lifting straps on both sides of the mattress for easy transfers.

More about air-based lateral transfer

The Glide All lateral transfer mattress is a single-patient product, but can be used for the same user over a longer period of time. It can be wiped with a damp cloth or with an appropriate disinfectant. Both ensures high hygiene.
Glide All lateral transfer mattresses are not inflated on delivery and therefore take up very little space. This makes it easy to keep in storage and bring them to the user.
Glide All lateral transfer mattresses are inflated using the included pump.

Who benefits from air-based lateral transfers

The Glide All lateral transfer mattress is optimal for use when transferring persons who require a lot of assistance. This could include people with a low level of functioning and people who are overweight.

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