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Leva Flex is a pressure-relieving mattress developed as an aid for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Leva Flex Basic can be used up to category 2 pressure ulcers and Leva Flex Twin can be used up to category 4 pressure ulcers.
Category 2 corresponds to partial skin loss with a red wound bed without dead tissue.
Category 3 corresponds to full skin loss where subcutaneous fat can be seen but not tendons, bones or muscles.
The mattress is used in hospital beds, nursing homes or private homes.
As well as optimising pressure distribution to the most pressurised areas of the body, the mattress’s breathable cover reduces the risk of skin maceration.
You can see the different pressure-relieving foam mattresses in the product overview , and read more about each product.

More about Leva Flex

Leva Flex Basis consists of one high quality foam core.
Leva Flex Twin consists of two separate high-quality foam cores, both wrapped in tricot, which allows the two foam cores to slide on each other. This helps to reduce shear.
Shear is a tissue injury that can occur when the tissue between the bone and the subfloor is displaced.
The foam core of both mattresses is zoned for optimal pressure distribution of the most pressurised areas of the body. The cut also provides optimal flexibility when raising the bed and when used with Turn All, our automatic tilting system.
The cover is a waterproof but breathable hygienic cover that can be wiped with detergent and/or disinfectant. It can also be machine washed up to 95°C and tumble dried.
The cover has a covered zipper on three sides, which makes it easy to remove the cover from the mattress. The cover also has four handles, making the mattress easy to handle.

Who benefits from a Leva Flex mattress

Leva Flex can be used in hospitals, nursing homes and private homes.
The target group for a pressure-relieving foam mattress is people who have or are at risk of developing pressure ulcers, especially people with reduced mobility and bedridden people.
Risk groups for developing pressure ulcers are typically people who are;

  • overweight
  • underweight
  • older
  • critically ill
  • palliative

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