New Cast protectors

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Waterproof cast protectors for use in bath or shower. The cast protector is pulled over the body part with plaster or bandages.
Recommended by doctors for the protection of bandages and plaster. Easy to use without complicated closing solutions. 10 different sizes (4 for children and 6 for adults).
The cast protector keeps the plaster or dressing dry when in bath. The bath protector is not suitable for swimming or open wounds.

Now it’s over finding patchwork solutions when you are bathing and having plaster or bandages. Here you have the replacement of the black bags or plastic bags – and which effectively and safely protects the body part that must not get wet.

The cast protector has a flexible rubber diaphragm as a closing function, which closes tightly when bathing. It sounds simple, and so is it …

The cast protector is easy to take on and off with only one hand.

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