Nurse with megaphone


BOA Pump 4


One-handed rechargeable high-pressure pump. Fast, powerful and usable for most pumping tasks, in working time and leisure. Easy to take on the field, bike ride,

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Beach Square 1.8m #1

New UV Parasols

New type of plastic can reduce skin cancer. This Danish invention can take you from the shadow into the sun without worrying about the dangerous

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Cast Protectors Category

New Cast protectors

Waterproof cast protectors for use in bath or shower. The cast protector is pulled over the body part with plaster or bandages. Recommended by doctors

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Seat All Flexi

New Seat All Flexi

New Seat All Flexi, Seat cushion for faecal cathetersystem / faecal collector bag. The Seat All Flexi seat cushion is designed for patients who use

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