Seat All Back & Seat

17.50 incl. Vat

Sitting cushion and back cushion. With advantage, usefull for both areas. Good back support, easy cushion for correct seating. Max 150 kg.

27 x 45 x 5 cm.

PN 70009

The cushion is designed to achieve good seating  comfort in order to relieve and alleviate back pain  for people in all ages.
Especially the seated position can give cause to  problems with the lower back, which commonly  result in back pain. When the cushion is used to  sit on, good seating comfort is achieved by support  of the pelvic, and if the cushion is place on  the lower back, the curve of the cushion should  support the sway of the lower back.

Even with the slightest movement, the cushion will  stimulate the microcirculation of the skin, which  optimises circulation.  The cushions are effective for the prevention and  treatment of pressure sores on the most exposed  areas such as heels, hips, elbows, shoulders,  back, etc.  These qualities makes all up® an optimal positioning  cushion when the bedbound need comfortable  and pressure relieving mattresses.  all up® is made of non-woven material, which  makes the cushion soft, skin-friendly, heat and  moisture absorbent, comfortable and elastic.


27 x 45 x 5 cm


80 g

air Cells



100 % PE