About the product

Seat All Cover for seat cushion. The cover is used as a protective layer on the Seat All cushions if there is a risk of soiling due to, for example, wounds, high perspiration and/or minor urine/stool accidents.
Seat All Cover is covered with nonwoven felt, a skin-friendly material that is moisture-absorbent, heat-transporting, soft and comfortable.
Can be used for;
  • Seat All Seat
  • Seat All Small
  • Seat All Tailbone
  • Seat All Donut Small
  • Seat All Kids Care


  • The Seat All Cover is pulled around the inflated seat cushion so that the fabric side faces the user’s skin.
  • The user is helped to sit on the cushion.
  • The cover should be changed when contamination is visible or at least once a week.

Product specifications

Product number 76009
HMI no. N/A
Size (cm) 42 x 42
Packing 5 pieces, clean

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